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Anne comes from a family of painters and has drawn since her childhood.

Anne began her career in 2004 as Artistic Director of Communications. 

Nowadays she is working as a freelance artistic director and illustrator.

She decided to join the French Society of Botanical Illustration (FRANCE) in 2016. It was a revelation. She likes the scientific side, the precision, the details that nature offers us.

Today, she continues to deepen her knowledge by meeting other artists, exchanging and working diligently every day. 

In 2019 Anne was awarded Full membership with the SBA becoming an SBA Fellow.

Ans she became a member of AsPIB (French society of passionate botanical artist).

Educational background

Graduated as an Artistic director – from LISAA Paris (Higher Institute of Applied Art) – 2004

SFIB – French Society of Botanical Illustration – 2016

ASBA – American Society of Botanical Artist – US – 2018

SBA – Society of Botanical Artist – UK – Fellow Member – 2019

AsPIB – Society of Passionate Botanical Artist – FR – 2019


2022 : • Paris (FR) « Village Botanique »

      • Paris (FR) « Proust et la nature » (Proust and nature)

2021 : • Saint-Germain-En-Laye ( FR) « Nuits des Artistes » (Exhibition Artist Night)

      • Londres (UK) Plantae SBA (virtuel)

      • ASBA (US) 24th Annual International Juried Exhibition

2020 : • Londres (UK) Plantae SBA (virtuel)

2019 : • Londres (UK) Plantae SBA

      • Saint-Germain-En-Laye ( FR) « Nuits des Artistes » (Exhibition Artist Night)

      • Exhibition « Silver » - (US)

2018 : • Paris (FR), Parc Floral de Vincennes: « Plantes et Insectes »

      • Paris (FR) « Hortus Gallicus » 

2017 : • Colorado (US) « Cannabis: a visuel perspective » 

      • Paris (FR) Exposition de travaux d’artistes au Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle 




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